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    One Customer at a TimeA lot of techniques I know was taught to me by the IT community and I feel that I have a responsibility to give back. Sharing is what helps a community grow and creates a virtuous cycle that makes every IT Pro more successful. So without further ado, welcome to Vacuum Breather, a site dedicated to sharing information and best practices regarding OS deployment, automation and more. Read More
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Popular Topicsat Vacuum Breather

Windows 10

Windows 10 introduces changes in a variety of areas impacting the way we deploy, service, and provision PCs.

Learn the implementation of the different ways that it can be deployed, challenges faced and approaches used with customers. Whether you have been working with Windows 10 or not, come along to look at possible solutions.

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OS Deployment

There are several ways to deploy Windows operating systems. Learn how to build a powerful, versatile and flexible Microsoft Windows deployment solution.

This series of blog posts focuses on how to take OS Deployment in MDT, SCCM or Automation Machine to its outer limits. Gain understanding for hardware configuration, app packaging and other common deployment questions.

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There is no such thing as too much automation. There are many day-to-day tasks that can be simplified by using PowerShell.

Combine this with the amazing capabilities of Microsoft products and you have a recipe to eliminate many of the tasks necessary for the deployment, administration and management.

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Cases of the Unexplained

An ongoing series of blog posts based on real troubleshooting scenarios on Windows operating systems.

Inspired by Mark Russinovich, these articles show you step-by-step how to apply various tools, including Debugging Tools, Windows Performance Toolkit, Sysinternals tools and Message Analyzer, to solve a wide range of issues.

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About MeAnton Romanyuk

Anton Romanyuk - a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE) - has spent years working in the Enterprise IT, specializing in Windows devices, operating system deployments as well as automation.

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